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Bryan Moderates Television Series: First Topic is Bioterrorism

Bioterrorism is not just a theory. This vital issue is a watchword each time we're put on national alert in the aftermath of 9/11.

The Academy of Science of St. Louis examined the implications for daily life. The Academy put matters in perspective with a forum called "Chemical and Biological Warfare: St. Louis Scientists Respond." The key presentations from that forum were put on television in a series called "Meet the Issues," presented by Cooperating School Districts (CSD) on the public access channels of cable television in St. Louis County.

Jerry Bryan, president of Bryan Consulting, moderated the programs. The first one features two speakers from the bioterrorism forum. They are Professor John Atkinson, Department of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology, Washington University, and Dr. Brook Shadel, Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections, St. Louis University.

Other "Meet the Issues" programs are panel discussions on current issues in education. In the spotlight concerning the national controversy about high-stakes testing in public schools were panelists Bev Nance, director of the Principals Academy at CSD, Madye Henson, president of Strategic Vision, and Dr. Betty Porter Walls, director of human resources for the Normandy School District.

Bryan brings a sharp focus to current issues as moderator of the series. He was a journalist, political correspondent, press secretary to the governor, and business executive with global corporations, before joining with technology associates to form a consulting firm. He works with educators across the nation on policy issues, public engagement, beneficial uses of technology, and communications strategy.