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Organizations need a periodic re-visit of their Technology strategy. The risk is one of losing out on the gains you deserve. Focus on the beneficial uses of technology. Take a fresh look, because it's time for you to reap the gains technology can deliver.

The Next Generation: CMS Web Sites

Most Internet site decisions were made during early days of the Web. Now we have new hardware, software, networks, databases, and tools. Web sites for the future use a Content Management System. CMS reduces the cost to develop a site and maintain a site. It also lets non-technical people update their own sites with a plain English text editor. Bryan Consulting develops CMS sites for business, nonprofit and educational clients. Learn how it works in our CMS Web Sites article. See examples in our CMS Overview (425K PDF).

Representative CMS Web Sites

Small businesses, nonprofits, medical, educational, faith-based, and labor organizations are among the clients using the Bryan Consulting CMS to maintain and edit their sites. Those in the list of Representative CMS Web Sites include clients that have multiple sites--one for public access, a private site where members can review a membership directory or other members-only documents, and a site for a board of directors to share working files.

Security and Privacy Issues

Small business owners and home users face the dangers of privacy and security risks on the Internet -- from hackers to viruses. You can do things to protect yourself. Learn how in a series of articles by Scott Granneman of Bryan Consulting: Internet Security: Protect Your Privacy.

Beware of Virus Hoaxes and Urban Legends

Computer users at home are vulnerable not only to viruses but virus hoaxes and urban legends. When you don't have a corporate Information Technology department, where do you turn for help? This will be of value--we've posted the addresses of some useful sites: Virus Hoaxes and Urban Legends.

Other Technology Concerns

Small-Business Technology Investments

Password Problems and Solutions