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Internet Security: Protect Your Privacy

SecurityFocus is the leading provider of security threat management systems and leading publisher of online original security content.

For expert counsel about securing your privacy on the Internet, SecurityFocus turned to Bryan Consulting's Senior Consultant in Internet Services for an important series of articles.

Scott Granneman is the author of a four-part series filled with information you can use to protect your business or personal computers. Scott specializes in Internet Services and developing Web applications for our clients. His counsel in these articles can be highly valuable in protecting your privacy, your data, and your email.

Securing Privacy, Part One: Hardware Issues

This installment examines hardware-based privacy issues, specifically: hardware firewall and router solutions for small networks and wireless devices, hardware-based spyware, and some attempts by hardware vendors to infringe upon users' privacy.

Securing Privacy, Part Two: Software Issues

Software-based issues and solutions also are critical. Some software is designed to safeguard privacy, while other software seems designed to compromise it. Scott provides guidance on personal firewalls, personal proxy software, and spyware.

Securing Privacy Part Three: E-mail Issues

E-mail is the most widely used application on the Internet. It also puts people at risk. This article helps you assess dangers such as web bugs, the preview pane, and JavaScript support, and gives you ideas about how to safeguard your privacy.

Securing Privacy Part Four: Internet Issues
The Internet offers unparalleled access to information, but also brings unique threats to privacy. This article outlines some ways you can protect yourself, in areas such as browser settings, privacy policies, and secure passwords.