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CMS Web Sites

For examples of the kinds of sites described below, see: Representative CMS Web Sites

Most Internet and Intranet site decisions were made during early days of the Web, prior to recent advances in hardware, software, networks, databases, and tools. Sites had another failing -- they were created without a proper foundation of knowledge about what it means to live and work in a Web environment. Some people created sites as electronic versions of a  corporate brochure, or a marketing catalogue, or a television ad. Those sites lacked a solid strategy, a plan.

The predictable result? Failure to meet objectives. In fact, many sites were created without benefit of objectives. But times have changed. Now there are many businesses and nonprofits with highly successful sites -- generating gains beyond expectations.

The Next Generation: CMS Web Sites

Valuable lessons have been learned in the Web era. Today, we help clients develop well-planned, effective sites that communicate clear messages and that serve the needs and interests of site visitors. We've also moved into the Next Generation of tools for site development, putting you in control. You can edit your site, change it, update it, whenever you want, without technical tools or technical training.

Content Management System (CMS)

Web sites for the future use a Content Management System. Instead of creating hundreds of pages, your site has a few templates. A database assembles the content and generates each page as needed. You use a plain English text editor to add content to the database, including new informational stories, photos, revised or updated copy, and current news headlines.

The CMS does these things:

  • Reduces the cost of site development
  • Reduces the cost of site maintenance
  • Makes it easy for you to edit your site