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News Headlines...

Behind the Minds Now Airs On Wednesdays and Fridays   

Behind the Minds is an award-winning television series that spotlights success stories in K-12 schools. The news magazine has Jerry Bryan and Gina Kurre as co-hosts and St. Louis area journalists doing feature stories. It's seen on the Higher Education Channel (HEC-TV) at 7:00 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays on cable channel 26 in St. Louis County and 13 in St. Louis City. The program is sponsored by the Higher Education Channel and Cooperating School Districts.

Beware of Virus Hoaxes and Urban Legends   

Computer users are vulnerable not only to viruses but virus hoaxes and urban legends. When you don't have an IT department, where do you turn for help? This will be of value to you: we've posted the addresses of useful sites that give you guidance about Virus Hoaxes and Urban Legends.

New Web Site Launched for Saint Louis Zoo   

The world-renowned Saint Louis Zoo, at, has placed its major new site on the Content Management System of Bryan Consulting which now features more powerful servers in a new hosting environment at a national data center.

Global Email Services Offered   

Utilizing a system with more than 148,000 subscribers, Bryan Consulting offers full-service email to its clients, accessible as POP3 or IMAP and with full Web access as you travel.